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We will continue to post upcoming classes here on our schedule for remotes. Please check and find one in your area to attend, or consider hosting one for your surrounding area.

If anyone wishes to host a class or two (combining 2-3 courses usually works best) just call Ann at 877-700-2261 or email her at info@txacademyaco.com. We must have at least 14 days advance notice as to notify DSHS of all pending remotes and make arrangements. We are looking forward to continuing to serve the dedicated men and women in the animal care and control field.

As of this date, 17 August, 2018, TAACO will no longer be offering classes at the Giddings facility. Chief Spence is semi retiring due to health issues, but the current staff will carry on. As it is planned now, Ethel Strother will cover Waco North and Amy Perrenot, Waco South.

Unfortunately, at this time the TFA (130 Hr) course will no longer be offered. However, we will continue to offer the BASIC ANIMAL CARE TECH (36 HRS) remotely. This course is geared more for shelter/animal care techs to have the basic knowledge starting out. It is open to the public.

However, since we have had a great number of positive comments on our training, and a voice of great concern about TAACO CLOSING with there being very few options for ACOs/ACTs to obtain professional and affordable CE training, TAACO’s trained and qualified Staff will continue to offer REMOTE CLASSES, as requested, in every area of the state.

It's very simple and cost effective, for you to have us come (as we have the past 14 years) and bring anyone of our 23 DSHS approved courses to your department/area. You just provide a classroom setting, assist us in announcing/advertising the class to your area and have a minimum of 10-12 students attend per class. The cost is usually on a per student basis, but a contract-group rate may be available. Of course, sometimes mileage, per-diem, lodging MAY be a factor in some cases. As always we want you to get the most bang for the buck.

Thank you and God bless you all for allowing us to serve you (some of you numerous times) over the past 14 years. It has been a pleasure.

Proverbs 12:10 "A righteous man respects the life of his animal"

September 2019


Remote Training Class - Schertz Animal Services
Zoonotic Diseases 16 CE hrs (Sep 11-12)
Compassion Fatigue 8 CE hrs (Sep 13)
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Remote Training Class - City of Seabrook
Administrative ACO Certification 12 hrs
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October 2019


Remote Training Class - City of Pleasanton
Chemical Capture & Restraint Course 8 CE hrs
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Remote Training Class - Mesquite Animal Services
Bite Stick & OC Pepper Spray 4 CE hrs
Herpetology Familiarization & Handling 4 CE hrs
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Remote Training Class - Floresville Police Department
Basic ACO Certification 16 hrs (Oct 28-29)
Basic Shelter Tech 8 CE hrs (Oct 30)
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November 2019


Remote Training Class - City of Rio Bravo
Basic Shelter Tech 8 CE hrs (Nov 19)
Shelter Management 8 CE hrs (Nov 20)
Certified Euthanasia Technician Recert 8 hrs (Nov 21)
Certified Euthanasia Technician Initial 12 hrs (Nov 21-22)
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All classes require a minimum of 15 students to make. Registration deadline is 10 days prior to the start date of the class. No refunds after 21 days prior to the start date of the class. Student will be rescheduled for the next available course.

A minimum of $500 deposit is required at the time of registration for the TAACO FULL ACADEMY. The remainder of the tuition is due upon the start date of the class. All in-service course fees must accompany the registration forms. Registration may be made through the website.

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