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All Classes Start at 8:30 a.m., unless otherwise noted.

The Texas Academy of Animal Control Officers (TAACO) is now embarking on its twelfth year of providing complete HUMANE LAW ENFORECEMENT and PROFESSIONAL ANIMAL CARE and CONTROL TRAINING for those choosing to enter the animal care and control field as a career. The TFA course is approved by the State of Texas and the training is universal. The TAACO facility and the TFA course are approved training for the U.S. Veteran’s Administration, of which we accept benefits for tuition payment.

For those of you that an academic degree program is not of interest, or an option, the TAACO TFA course is an economical and expedited alternative and a way to get into the workforce without a college degree. Today, many with a degree are having difficulty finding employment. The TAACO TFA course certainly may be the answer for you too.

There are a great number of career opportunities, especially in Texas and across the US, in this growing, exciting and demanding field. TAACO has now trained persons from 11 different states, and Canada, as the curriculum is universal. In only 4 short weeks, you can be fully trained to apply for the many job openings in the humane law enforcement and animal care & control field. There is NO OTHER TRAINING AVAILABLE anywhere that will prepare anyone as fully as the TAACO TFA course. TAACO now has a 95% hire rate of its TFA grads, that continue on in the application process.

The TAACO TFA course is our flagship course. The TFA offers a prestigious diploma, two state certifications and 14 certificates of completion in pertinent areas of the animal care and control field. The TFA is 130 hours (4 weeks, Mon-Thr) in length. The TFA affords the most in-depth training offered anywhere. Since opening in July 2005, we have had approximately 350 TFA and over 3,800 In-Service students attend TAACO courses.

The TFA includes, but not limited to the following curriculum; Basic Animal Control Training Certification, Basic Humane Law Enforcement, Court Room Procedures, Police–First Responder Radio & Emergency procedures, Citation & Report Writing, Violator Contacts-Verbal Judo, Small and Large Animal Anatomy, Animal Care Technician (Parasitology, Pharmacology, Common Diseases Recognition & Treatments, Animal First Aid) Certified Euthanasia Technician, Chemical Capture & Restraint, Advanced Animal Cruelty Investigations, Animals in Disaster, Animal First Aid, Reptile Identification and Handling, Code Enforcement, Job Interviewing and other pertinent training subjects.

Upon completion, the TFA graduate has four avenues to gainful immediate employment. Those are either as an ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICER, ANIMAL CARE TECHNICIAN, ANIMAL CRUELTY INVESTIGATOR and/or CODE ENFORCEMENT OFFICER. THE JOBS ARE WAITING FOR YOU.

Potential employers love the idea of having an applicant that is fully trained and ready to go to work. The TFA cuts your/their field training by at least 60%. This saves the employer time and money, and gets you in the field much quicker.

We are now registering for our next TFA course.

TAACO also offers CONTINUING EDUCATION courses for the CURRENTLY EMPLOYED ACO/ACT. Every certified ACO in Texas must complete a minimum of 30 CE hours of approved training, every three years, after receiving their DSHS Basic ACO certification. TAACO offers 15 CE courses that are available monthly at the Academy and REMOTELY upon request. Any currently working/employed ACO is eligible to take the CE courses.

Proverbs 12:10
"A righteous man respects the life of his animal"

In Memory of Officer Bobby Dean Evans

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