I graduated from Texas Academy of Animal Control in Giddings, Texas on October 21, 2009. My instructor’s were very knowledgeable of the material and most importantly to me was their hands on knowledge that prepared me to pass the required state exam on November 19, 2009.

Thanks to Alan Spence and the wonderful staff at TAACO who helped me find gainful employment within only a short time of graduation. I am very thankful for the opportunity to fulfill my dream of working with animals.

I have been employed by Bastrop County Animal Control Shelter since February 1, 2010. I enjoy being an Animal Control Officer working out in the field. Everyday can bring a new challenge or an opportunity to improve on routine calls. I am dispatched to calls by the Bastrop County Sheriff’s Department so the training I received from TAACO dealing with law enforcement has proved invaluable.

TAACO combines all the necessary and required training to have a wonderful and satisfying career in Humane Law Enforcement and Animal Care & Control. A special thanks to Leslie for being a very knowledgeable and interesting instructor, and for drawing out the best in her students. Thanks to Staci for keeping me on track with all the correct materials and guidance through the required procedures. Alan, it was a rewarding experience and I appreciate the professional and caring manner all of you present as a team.

Thank you, ACO Rhonda Simank

To: Alan and Leslie, From: TFA student February, 2012

I just want to thank the both of you for helping me reach my goal of becoming an Animal Control Officer. Without the skills and knowledge I obtained from the Texas Academy of Animal Control Officers, I would not have been able to land my dream job as quick as I did. I was confident in answering the Animal Control questions I was presented with in my interview. I graduated from your academy on March 02, 2012 and had a job with the Williamson County Sheriff’s Department by April 27, 2012.

I would also like to point out that Leslie is an AMAZING teacher. She made the class interesting and was willing to answer every question, whether it was silly or not.

So, thank you for giving me the hands on experience as well as the knowledge I needed! I would recommend your academy to anyone that is interested in a career working with animals!

Thank you for all of your help,
Officer Julie Benavides

I wanted to tell you that we hired one of your TFA graduates, Charles Michael Hawn. He has been working for us in the City of Pasadena, TX for many months now.

Charles came to us well trained and just as importantly, he came with a professional demeanor and self confidence.

I attribute that to your school and appreciate the job you are doing, not to mention he is a great guy. Your curriculum is well rounded and sure gives a jump start to hiring new employees.

We are presently hiring for the position of Animal Care Technician. If any of your graduates are interested, please have them get in touch with me at 281-991-0602 for more details.


Karen Hoffman
Chief Animal Control Officer
Pasadena Animal Control & Adoption
5150 Burke Rd.
Pasadena, Texas 77504
281-991-6981 ( Fax )

Email from TFA student, Carla Allen of Dallas, Texas

23 October 2009
Alan, Ethel & Leslie
I am writing to let you know that thanks to your program I have a new job with Humane Society of North Texas. I was hired as animal rehab and behavioral vet tech. I have needed and used everything I learned with you in in the TFA course.

I wanted you to know, they took one look at my portfolio of certificates and like you said Mr. Spence, they were amazed I could talk in depth about each one. Also I want to say thank you all for instilling the knowledge in me that you did, as I have used all of it. Please give a special thanks to Leslie, for without her I would not rememberd half of everything. She really knows her subjects and how to teach.

Again thanks to all of you for everything and let your future students know, if they are serious about this career, they could not find a better place any where to gain the knowledge and experience needed.

Carla Allen ACO

Email received March 2007 from Mike Haun - TFA Student

I have moved to Pasadena and have a great career with the City of Pasadena Animal Control. I just started on March the 9th and I love every second of it. I have not taken my State test but I hope to soon. I wanted to really thank you for all that you and the Academy did for me, and everything that I learned there. Everyone here, is really surprised how much knowledge I gained going through the Academy. It’s funny how the Lord leads us to things and helps us through.

I have been really blessed. I'm glad to hear that the Academy is doing well. I hope that all your other students learn and half as much as I did. I want to come and visit you guys again soon, or maybe see you in the field someday. I will keep in touch and let you know how things are going here at Pasadena Animal Control. Again, thank you for not giving up on the Academy and giving all of us looking to enter Animal Control a place to come and better ourselves and allow us give a voice to the animals that need our help.

I will keep all of you in my prayers. May GOD keep on blessing you.

Always a friend,

ACO Michael Hawn
City of Pasadena
Animal Rescue
5150 Burke
Pasadena, Texas

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